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External Smartphone Camera Lens

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External Smartphone Camera Lens

1, can be used alone as a monocular telescope, with a telescope eyepiece cover
2, can be connected to a wide range of mobile phones, configure the universal folder, as long as the folder, the camera in the back (in addition to telescopic lens), basically can be installed on the shooting scene;
3, can be connected to digital cameras, ultra-thin, the lens is not
extended, the folder in the range of 10mm-20mm.
Related accessories: a main lens, a universal clip, a piece of cloth, eyepiece cover, brochures, color box packaging
Phone camera telescope
Comes with mobile phone universal clip, can be fixed on the phone
Lens blue film
Magnification: 12 times
Field of view: 16 degrees
Objective lens diameter: 18MM
Exit pupil distance: 2.3MM
Eye distance: 10MM
Product Size: 36 * 60MM

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